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We continuously assess the project and the company in relation to the EU Taxonomy. The project has positive environmental effects, particularly measured against Environmental Objective 1 and Environmental Objective 4. We also evaluate the other environmental objectives under the taxonomy against the "do not significantly harm" criteria, and we have no negative impact.

Environmental Objective 1: Climate Change Mitigation

The project contributes to technology and solutions that significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in waste management. The relevant activity in the Taxonomy is 5.9 "Material recovery from non-hazardous waste."

Environmental Objective 4: Transition to a Circular Economy

The project helps avoid or reduce waste by minimizing waste incineration and avoiding waste disposal. The activity we fall under is 11.7 "Sorting and material recovery of non-hazardous waste."


Environmental Objective 3: Sustainable Use and Protection of Water and Marine Resources

The project also positively impacts Environmental Objective 3 through solutions that reduce water consumption and prevent pollution.

We also work towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

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