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We help companies become more sustainable by recycling used textiles. By entering into an agreement for the delivery of textiles to us, you ensure that the textiles are directed towards redesign and recycling, rather than ending up in residual waste for disposal and incineration. It is cheaper for you and better for the environment.


During the start-up period, we have a particular focus on textiles from healthcare institutions, the hotel industry and laundries. Are you an actor within these sectors and want a sustainable disposal of your textiles? Get in touch with us!


We also have research projects on textiles from other industries and households.


By returning textiles to us, you ensure that the textiles are reused as fibers in new textiles or as redesign products, instead of being landfilled, burned or exported out of the country. We have 100% control over the textile waste. Our recycling process is mechanical, the process takes place in Norway, textile or fiber is not exported out of Europe and does not end up in uncontrolled landfills.

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